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Glam Bra

/glam brä/


  1. Decorated brassiere that is worn with outfits that slay without apology.
  2. A garment that is worn outside to bring out your inner diva.
  3. A garment that promotes and supports confidence.


Rebel’s Promise is a fashion label that is revolutionizing the fashion industry. We are turning one of the most dreadful articles of clothing into one of the most glamorous by transforming bras into pieces of (wearable) art.

Going on two years, Rebel’s Promise is set on spreading our art with our Glam Bras and making the world look a little more fabulous.

 Are you brave enough?


Our Mission

Rebel’s Promise isn’t just about clothing and it isn’t just about glamour. Rebel’s Promise is also a movement that promotes first and foremost self-love and self-acceptance no matter what you look like. Self love is extremely important and in society today that importance is not expressed. That’s why Rebel’s Promise is here, to remind people of the self-love that should have a place in your heart. Self-love is happiness and the world needs to be a happier place, especially in this day and age. 


Why the Rebel's Promise

The Rebel’s Promise is a promise that a rebel (aka activist, change maker) makes. It’s a promise to stick to what you know is right and what you believe in, no matter what everyone else says even if you are alone in that belief. It is the promise to keep fighting for better change in the world.


Our company, Rebel’s Promise, isn’t just a fashion label, it is also a catalyst for activism and the fight for human rights, climate rights, and animal rights. Along with promoting self-love, we are also a voice for people who can’t speak. Through our fashion, we are planning to change the world and fight for justice.


Rebel’s Promise will come out with collections or single pieces that support and voice the issues that are close to us. With the releases of our activism collections and pieces, part of the proceeds will be donated to organizations who also fight for that cause.  


The Birth of Rebel's Promise


One day in 2013, thirteen-year-old Tehja was scrolling through Tumblr and she saw the infamous picture of the Xbox controller bra in her feed. Tehja wondered where she could get the bra, so she looked at the tags underneath the photo and saw that one of the tags for the photo was "rave bra". She was intrigued so she clicked on the tag and it unleashed thousands of photos of theatrically decorated bras and she instantly fell in love. With her love for fashion and craft, and her ambition, Tehja was determined to find out how to make a rave bra. Soon after she watched some videos, read some blog posts, and went on a shopping spree in Michael’s Craft Store. Her first rave bra was made June 9th 2013 and she fell in love with rave bras again by making her own.
With her supportive mother, they went to search New York City and bought some bras and went to some custom jewelry stores in Chelsea and the art store, and bolted back home. That day, Tehja and Mignon stayed up all night making different rave bras until they didn’t have any more materials. Then Mignon looked at all of the rave bras they made together and eloquently called them Glam Bras, because Glam Bras aren't only just for raves, they are for everyday life. 

Then a year after cranking out all of the Glam Bras, the name Rebel's Promise was thought of. Then with Tehja’s the business mind kicking in, the duo figured they could sell the bras and spread the art and beauty to other people. They took pictures of all of the Glam Bras and set up an Etsy shop. On June 18th 2014, Rebels Promise became a fashion label.  

Meet the Owner

Tehja Grayson Fagains - Tehja Fagains - Tehja Avanni - Rebel's Promise - Owner of Rebel's Promise - Founder of Rebel's Promise - Glam Bras - Creator of Glam Bras 

Tehja Grayson-Fagains is a fashion designer and entrepreneurial powerhouse and has been active since 2008. She grew up in a talented family, filled with dancers, singers, and fashion designers and she always had a knack for business.


In 2008, at age nine, she ran her own newspaper company within her elementary school, selling her own custom newspapers with the latest news and other fun content. In 2010, at age eleven, she created and sold wallets and bags made out of recyclable materials such as, gum packaging, product labels, and even soda cans. In 2013, she created Rebel’s Promise and she been building and developing Rebel’s Promise to the company that it is today.


Tehja Grayson-Fagains attended High School of Fashion Industries for three years, and now in her senior year she is being home schooled by her mother, Empress Ming. She has showed her fashions at the 2015 High School of Fashion Industries Alumni Fashion Show at age fifteen. She also was a featured vendor at Circle of Sisters in 2016 and DMochelle’s Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser at age seventeen. Now Tehja Grayson-Fagains is working on making the world even more glamorous.


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